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12 October 6pm

Vienības Nams’s Concert Hall,
22a Rigas street

Louis Sclavis Quartet from France will visit Daugavpils

12th October at 6pm. Vienibas Nams’s Concert Hall (Rigas street 22a). Louis Sclavis Quartet from France will will perform within the 12th Music and Art festival "Daugavpils ReStArt 2023 with their programme “Characters on a wall”

Louis Sclavis is a French jazz musician. He performs on clarinet, bass clarinet, and soprano saxophone in avariety of contexts playing free jazz, avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and the contemporary classics. He has won numerous awards, including: the PRIX DJANGO REINHARDT “best French jazz musician” (1988), First Prize in the Barcelona Biennale (1989); the British Jazz award at the Midem for “Best Foreign Artist” (1990/91); the DJANGO D’OR “Best French jazz record of the year” (1993); and the GRAND PRIX SACEM 2009. He was one of the first to combine jazz with French folk music, working most prominently with the hurdy-gurdy player Valentin Clastrier.

Louis Sclavis’s 13th ECM recording finds the French clarinetist drawing inspiration from two sources – the street art of Ernest Pignon-Ernest, and the interpretive originality of a splendid new quartet. Pignon-Ernest’s works were previously the subject of Sclavis’s highly acclaimed 2002 recording Napoli’s Walls. This time Sclavis looks at a broader range of the artist’s in situ collages from Ramallah to Rome, in search of “a dynamic, a movement that will give birth to a rhythm, an emotion, a song.” In the Sclavis group, gifted bassist Sarah Murcia and expressive drummer Christophe Lavergne join pianist Benjamjn Moussay (a key collaborator on Sources and Salt and Silk Melodies) making this the first time Sclavis has explored – in characteristically individual fashion – the classic jazz format of reeds, piano, bass and drums on an ECM disc. Characters on a Wall was recorded and produced by Manfred Eicher at Studios La Buissonne in the South of France.

Tickets: Booking office of Vienibas Nams concert hall, (working days 4.30pm – 6.30pm) and Booking office of Bilesu paradise (www.bilesuparadize.lv). Price 5.00 euros.

XII Music and Art Festival Daugavpils ReStArt 2023 is organized by:

Daugavpils state city municipality establishment “Vienibas Nams”, Daugavpils Culture Support Association, Stanislavs Broks Daugavpils Music Secondary School, Daugavpils Culture Castle. Supported by Daugavpils state city municipality.

The events of IX Music and Art Festival “Daugavpils ReStArt 2020” are photographed and filmed for the publicity and historical needs of Cultural Department.

Information: www.daugavpilsrestart.lv, www.vnfestivals.lv, www.vienibasnams.lv, www.daugavpils.lv

 Festival's Daugavpils ReStArt 2023  supporters

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