MANHATTAN SHORT film festival

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26 September

27 September

Vienibas Nams’ Cafe,
22a Riga street

MANHATTAN SHORT film festival (New York USA).

The finalist films of the International Manhattan shortfilm festival. (Duration 2h 10min.)

Film fans around the world will unite bet ween 23 September and 3 October to watch and vote for ten short films at the 24th Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival. MANHATTAN SHORT is the only event of the kind. Ten short films are displayed worldwide at the same time during one week, and the questionnaires submitted to the vote of the viewers identify nominations - Best Movie and Best Actor.

Ten short films are the best of 970 submitted from the 70 countries that MANHATTAN SHORT received in 2021, demonstrating the resilience and vitality of short films worldwide.

The ten of MANHATTAN SHORT are: Death by Handshake (the USA), Ganef (Great Britain), Bad Omen (Afghanistan), Rough (North Ireland), Archibald's sindrome (France), The Kicksled Choir (Norway), Closed to the Light (Italy), Out of Time (France), Aurora (the USA), Monsieur Cachemire (Canada).

Language: Original with titles in Latvian and Russian.

Tickets: Booking office of Vienibas Nams concert hall, opening hours 4.30pm – 6.30pm and two hours before the start, price 3.00 euro.



The safety measures implemented in Latvia to reduce the spread of Covid-19: the concerts can be attended only by fully vaccinated persons or persons who have recovered from Covid-19 providing a valid digital certificate. Arrive in time with a printed out or downloaded on the phone QR code and a document proving your identity - either the passport or ID card.

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