Jean-Marie Machado MAJAKKA

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13 October 6pm

Vienibas Nams’ Concert Hall,
22a Riga street

Jean-Marie Machado MAJAKKA

Jean-Marie MACHADO– piano, composition and arrangements
Jean-Charles FRANÇOIS– saxophone
Vincent SEGAL– cello
Keyvan CHEMIRANI– percussions

13 October 6pm – Vienibas Nams’ Concert Hall, 22a Riga street, XI Music and Art Festival Daugavpils ReStArt 2022 Jean-Marie Machado MAJAKKA

Richness of colours, fascinating mix of original compositions and masterful improvisations.

Alice Leclercq, Citizen Jazz

Jean-Marie MACHADO compositions are go beyond the borders and successfully adapts to the dialogue with other cultures and means of expression. His latest album’s title MAJAKKA is borrowed from a Finnish word – LIGHTHOUSE. It contains compositions inspired from the cultural heritage and people met. Moments from life and music are his guidelines. Like a lighthouse they help to navigate…

"For the first time I felt like looking back and listening to some of my old records again," Machado narrates. "I saw a colour come out and it was becoming mine, a light that imposed itself. I felt the need to accept something that had happened in spite of myself" he adds.
So the idea was born of bringing together pieces that seemed to be from the same family, sharing the same colours and cultivating a closeness to the Brazilian music and that of the Spanish impressionists that pave Machado's way.

Tickets: Booking office of Vienibas Nams concert hall, opening hours 4.30pm – 6.30pm, price 5.00 euro

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