17 October 6pm

Daugavpils Culture Castle,
92 Smilsu street


17 October 6pm – Daugavpils Culture Castle, 92 Smilsu street, XI MUSIC AND ART FESTIVAL Daugavpils ReStArt 2022, Latvian Academy of Culture

BOLERO – Music: Maurice Ravel, choreography: Olga Ziltuhina and the dancers.

BEZDELĪGA (swallow) - Music: Hans Zimmer The Chemical Brothers, Sex Pistols. Choreography: Ilze ZĪRIŅA.

2nd year students from Latvian Academy of Culture, study program “Contemporary Dance” offer two choreography pieces of contemporary dance. Both of the performances are stylistically  different, they show students’  wide profile and the ability to express different stories and messages through the dance.

The music for the “Bolero” is the well-known, famous composition Bolero, which is composed as a piece for orchestra, composer Maurice Ravel. The excellent music accompanies the choreography consisting of bright solos, duos and trios, revealing something more approaching the culmination. The choreography was made by  Olga Ziltuhina and the students. This is the first show the young people have created as a group while visiting Stameriena castle revealing the courage and openness in the language of dance. The audience have the possibility to learn each particular dancer’s soul, body and the inner world. Dance and musical adventure takes the audience to the highest point.

Tickets: Daugavpils Culture Castle Booking office working time: every weekday 4pm-7pm, Booking office of Biļešu paradise and on internet. Price .00  euros.

XI MUSIC AND ART FESTIVAL DAUGAVPILS ReStArt 2022 is held and supported by:

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The events of XI Music and Art Festival “Daugavpils ReStArt 2022” are photographed and filmed for the publicity and historical needs of Cultural Department.

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