• 09.24.2022_KP_Dagamba

24 September 6pm

Culture Castle Big Hall,
92 Smilsu street


Finally, classical music hooligans group DAGAMBA will arrive in Daugavpils with a solo concert. In the concert we will hear music from the shows “DAGAMBA feat TCHAIKOVSKY”,  #LudwigVanRammstein as well as new original music. The audience's favourite group will mix styles and break borders by offering classics in original interpretations and rock music with elements of classics.

The concert will take place 24 September 6pm – Culture Castle Big Hall, 92 Smilsu street, within the program of XI MUSIC AND ART FESTIVAL Daugavpils ReStArt 2022. Tickets: Booking office of Biļešu paradise (Culture Castle Booking office as well) and on internet. Price:  7 and 10 euros.

DAGAMBA's unique sound is based on the idea of modern tradition, creating an unusual collaboration between different musicians, revealing surprising, unique and previously unheard shades. The program #LudwigVanRammstein was inspired by the most famous and controversial representatives of German music world – composer of classic music Ludwig van Beethoven and the band “Rammstein”. The group leader Valts Puce admits, “Seemingly so different musicians of different centuries, but with so much in common – one country, one language and music that surprises and breaks the stereotypes”. In the concert Beethoven’s music becomes rock music, but the melodies of Rammstein will get an academic sound.

“DAGAMBA feat TCHAIKOVSKY” is based on Peter Tchaikovsky’s works – performed in a non-traditional way. “Tchaikovsky – one of the masters within the classical music is present nowadays as well. His music is used in sound tracks and video games, attending the ballet performance “The Nutcracker” during the Christmas time  has become a tradition for many families around the world. That is why this program is a cooperation with the grand master, as if he himself still lived among us, like his music does,” explains V.Puce. The well-known melodies will interact with DAGAMBA’s original music, breaking the classical standards and making the impossible to become possible.

DAGAMBA: Valters Puce (cello), Antons Trocjuks (cello), Dainis Tenis (piano), Arturs Jermaks (drums), Alise Broka (double bass).

https://www.dagamba.eu, https://www.facebook.com/Dagamba


Daugavpils Culture Castle Booking office (92 Smilsu street) working time: every weekday 4pm-7pm, 3hours before the concert.

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