Etnomusic group TAUTUMEITAS

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Etnomusic group TAUTUMEITAS

25th September
Culture Castle Big Hall
92 Smilsu street

Group “Tautumeitas” was founded in 2015, consisting of six musicians - Asnate Rancāne, Aurēlija Rancāne, Ilona Dzērve, Lauma Bērza, Laura Marta Līcīte un Laura Liepiņa It started with traditional singing trying to echo the traditional chanters. Though the closer they got to songs, the closer the songs got to “Tautumeitas”, until it seemed natural to intertwine it with everything that they had heard and felt in this world as their own.

The debut album of “Tautumeitas” entitled “Tautumeitas” has won the Annual Music Records Award as the year's best album of etno and folk music. The group is successful not only in Latvia but is also visiting the countries such as Japan, China, Russia, Switzerland, Germany.

The group is working on a new album.

Ticket price 7.00 euro.

The events of IX Music and Art Festival “Daugavpils ReStArt 2020” are photographed and filmed for the publicity and historical needs of Cultural Department.


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