Exhibition “To Live in the Art”

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Opening of Marcis STUMBRIS’ exhibition “To Live in the Art”
12 September,
3.00 p.m.

Daugavpils Regional Studies and Art Museum,
8 Rigas street

Marcis STUMBRIS (1942 – 2014) studied at Janis Rozentals Art High School, after the graduation in 1961 he entered Art Academy of Latvia Painting department (1961-1970) under the leadership of Professor Eduard Kalnins.

After the graduation of Academy he was allocated the working place in Daugavpils where he lived and worked from 1970 – 1978 as an artist at Daugavpils facilities department (1970-1974),and as a teacher at the art studio. He was an active and creative person. In 1973 as a member of Latvian Artists’ Association, Marcis Stumbrs was one of the founders of Latvian Artists’ Association Daugavpils organization.

The young artists’ arrival in Daugavpils began an active art life – exhibitions, plein air paintings. The artists were united by the serving the only muse – the art. Since 1969 M. Stumbris took part in exhibitions and organized personal exhibitions.

The artist devoted his life, heart and soul to the painting. As well as to the others he was demanding to himself too. Nature was the artist’s way and the teacher where he discerned the good and the beauty, gained the inner balance and inspiration for paintings. In his works using both oil and pastel technique Marcis Stumbris painted in all genres – portrait, still life, nude, figurative, and the art of social genre, but especially in landscape. As a realist he had to immerse in the environment which he immortalized in colours, feel the mood and atmosphere. The artist was quite reserved but at the same time intelligent and peaceful. The master of the brush, whose works reflected not only the artist’s vision of the world but also provokes our empathy.

His works are exhibited in the Art Museum “Arsenals”, Museum of Literature and Music, collection of Art Academy of Latvia, Daugavpils VMM, G. Elias’s Jelgava History and art Museum and in private collections all around the world.

The exhibition in Daugavpils Regional Studies and Art Museum is available until 3 November. Welcome!

The event might be photographed and filmed for the publicity and historical needs of Cultural department.


Additional information:
www.daugavpilsrestart.lv, www.kultura.daugavpils.lv, www.daugavpils.lv


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