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14 September,
20.00 p.m.

Riga street

This year Riga street Festival is devoted to the water.
On the Opening day of VIII Music and Art Festival „Daugavpils RestArt 2019” 14 September,  8pm the traditional Riga street  Festival  will take the place.
As Daugavpils is one of the cities with the purest tap water and in connection with LTD ‘’Daugavpils Udens’’ 130th anniversary, the organizers offer the festival devoted to water. Consequently all the activities will be connected with water and its role in a person’s life. According to the art director Maris Susejs: “During the Festival people of Daugavpils and guests will have the possibility to immerse in creativity, which will purify them just as the water does.”
As usual, a great range of activities will be provided for visitors with the chance not only to observe but participate themselves. Different workshops, performances, live sculptures will be available during the Festival. People will have the possibility to hear concerts, observe differently illuminated Riga street fountains and houses, taste food, see installations, for example on the crossroads of Alejas and Rigas street cars connected with water will be exhibited, Daugavpils Regional Studies and Art Museum will exhibit the old water vessels etc.
Bells ensemble “Bells of the Sun” from Ventspils will be as the special guests of Riga street Festival, they will show the performance – “The Journey of a Water Drop during the Time”.
The organizers invite to enjoy and reveal the magic and significance of water.

Free entrance

The event might be photographed and filmed for the publicity and historical needs of Cultural department.


Additional information:

www.daugavpilsrestart.lv, www.kultura.daugavpils.lv, www.daugavpils.lv

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