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01 October
6.00 p.m.
Vienibas Nams' Concert hall,
Rigas street 22a

Night devoted to Valery Gavrilyn’s 80th birthday. Anna Adzemova – soprano (St.Petersburg, Russia), Rafi HARADZJAN – piano (Riga), Ilona Broka – piano (Daugavpils).

The concert of Valery Gavrylin’s music

“With my music I dream to get into a person’s soul” – the words of the great XX century St. Petersburg’s master can serve as an epigraph to all his works. Valery Gavrylin (1939-1999) was born in Vologda’s city, a province of Russia; this would be the year of his 80th birthday.

Due to his great inborn talent, love to music and diligence, he, the orphan since childhood, managed to find himself as a composer – original and peculiar. The help was a town upon the river Neva, where he was brought to by teachers from Leningrad, who had noticed Valery’s talent. The process of the education in Leningrad’s (now St. Petersburg) conservatoire allowed Gavrylin to create masterpieces such as monumental choir symphony Chimes, ballet Anuta and Balzaminov’s Marriage, vocal cycles - Russian exercise book, Evening mood, Sketches for the piano four-handed and extremely melodic songs.

Focusing on the Russian and European musical traditions, on the richness of his nation’s folklore, the composer, despite of the simplicity of his works, however manages to surprise with the individuality and the original perception of the world. Nobility, soulfulness, nostalgia, humor, playfulness, the national and the universal, the contemporary and the eternal equally coexist in his music. It contains spirituality, which purifies the human soul.

Some of Valery Gavrylin’s music interpreters are Zara Doluhanova, Vladimir Fedosiev, Vladimir Minin, Jekaterina Maksimova, Vladimir Vasiliev…

Riga piano duo (Nora Novika – Raffi Charadjanjan)the composer himself called his “talisman”, and he used to follow them to concerts in many cities including Daugavpils (the spring of 1983). Vologda Philharmonic is named after Valery Gavrylin, as well as an International music competition for young people, taking place in the composer’s homeland. Amemorialplaqueisnowinstalledonthe wall of the househelivedinSt.Petersburg.

Wonderful songs and music of various character for the piano duo are includedin the concert of Valery Gavrylin’s vocal and instrumental music, taking place in Daugavpils, Vienibas Nams 1 October, 2019 (at 6pm). The image of the composer will be recalled with the help of video. Among the interpreters we will see the young but talented performers from St. Petersburg Anna Adzemova (soprano) and Nadia Medvedeva (piano), as well as Latvian musicians – pianists Raffi Charadjanjan and Ilona Broka – their mastery and stage enthusiasm is well known and recognized among the listeners.

Raffi Charadjanjan

Tickets: Booking office of Vienibas Nam’s concert hall, opening hours 4.30pm – 6.30pm, price 3.00 euro. Information: Latvian Culture Center, phone no. 65426991, 


The event might be photographed and filmed for the publicity and historical needs of Cultural department.


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